Characteristics of Leaders

1.       Leadership requires personal mastery – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they continually work towards improving and mastering nursing skills. It is guided by purpose, vision and belief in ones self. 

2.       Leadership is about values – Nurses demonstrate leadership they respect others and treat them with dignity and compassion regardless of the situation. This also includes earning the respect of others. 

3.       Leadership is about service – A nurse demonstrates leadership when they first learn to serve others first and naturally want to do so. 

4.       Leadership is about people and relationships – A good leader focuses on people not power. Creating and building relationships not only makes you an effective leader but creates an effective team. 

5.       Leadership is contextual – A nurse demonstrates leadership when they understand an evolving system and adapt to those evolving trends. Its important to figure out the situation they have and what is most important to do in that situation. 

6.       Leadership is about the management of meaning –  A nurse demonstrates leadership when they become a planner, decision formulator, and are able to implement structure and processes. 

7.       Leadership is about balance – Balanced leadership requires continuous adjustments to maintain a well balanced organization. A leader must customize for an individual, team, and organization to be an effective leader. 

8.       Leadership is about continuous learning and improvement – The best leaders are constant learners. It is important to not remain stagnant by continuing to improve and grow according to the needs of the organization. jkl

 9.       Leadership is about effective decision making – A nurse demonstrates leadership skills by understanding how to balance emotion with reason and make decisions that positively impact themselves, their employees, their patients.

10.   Leadership is a political process – A nurse demonstrates leadership skills when their goal in communication is to clarify and honor the truth as well as respect and encourage their team, even those who’s opinion may differ from the majority. 

11.   Leadership is about modeling – A nurse demonstrates leadership skills when they understand the effect they have on others. Understanding that the impact of your words, actions, and attitude can affect your team for good or bad. 

12.   Leadership is about integrity – A good leader is about integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, and moral values. More than anything else, a good leader is about how you treat other people.  

Disc Personality Test

This week we took a DISC personality test to measure behavioral preferences and styles. Two things I already know about myself is that I am a people person and I am definitely more passive. According to the test I fall into the Steady category. This is not new knowledge to me, I tend to not be dominant and prefer to do what I am told rather than delegate. I am very loyal and you can usually count on me to do what I am asked. I always try to be a team player and pull my weight when doing group work. However, I hope as I gain more and more experience as a nurse I can develop more leadership skills and become more comfortable leading and delegating rather than being just a team player. 


Hi, My name is Kim Finley.  I just got a new job and am very excited to follow my passion in geriatric nursing. This blog is a personal record in which I will reflect on my learning experience in my Nursing Leadership course. I will discuss things I have learned and experiences in my career that directly affect my learning and growth. I am excited to see where this journey takes me and how much I will improve my nursing skills.